Paris Hilton in July 2008.

Paris Hilton?s spoof video in which she declares she?s running for president is clocking in millions of views on

Paris Hilton may be in Copenhagen for her latest handbag line, but the socialite’s spoof video in which she declares she’s running for president had the world’s attention Wednesday, clocking up millions of views on

“It was a lot of fun,” Hilton told WWD regarding the mock campaign, a hit back at Republican candidate John McCain’s use of her image in an earlier ad. “I’m a big fan of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell,” she added, referring to the video-sharing site’s founders, who persuaded her to do the ad. In it, Hilton mocks McCain “as the oldest celebrity in the world” and tells America “I’m like totally ready to lead” with Rihanna as her preference for vice president. 

“We’ll see what happens,” Hilton joked Wednesday of her presidential chances, adding, “only if I can bring Tinkerbell [her dog] to the White House.”

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