EVERYBODY’S A CRITIC: Robin Givhan, Stefano Tonchi and Guy Trebay will help Parsons The New School bring to life the new edition of its Fashion Projects. The threesome (each of whom was interviewed for the journal) will chat with Parsons professor Francesca Granata Tuesday night at the school’s Fifth Avenue auditorium. There are also pieces about Judith Thurman, Suzy Menkes and Lynn Yaeger, though they will not be downtown talking shop at next week’s event.

In a Q&A with Jay Ruttenberg, Trebay talks about being a cultural critic. “What is a fashion critic? What is that? I mean, it’s not a very developed critical discipline. It seems to me that for decades, it was a kind of business reporting. But somewhere along the line, in a very wholesome way, it evolved into getting some critical discipline.”

He also dissects the “super narrativization” happening around sites like the Sartorialist. “The degree to which people want to create narrative around you based on a picture of you and your clothes is very compelling to me. People are telling themselves stories about other people based on the way they tie a scarf. Which we probably do in real life, but it has a little more practical utility in real-time encounters than it does online. There’s a little whistling in the dark happening, where everybody’s telling themselves a story that doesn’t really have to do with the other. And fashion is about the other — you require social interaction for it to get off the ground. [Pauses] God, I hate those.”