PAS DE CALAIS IN LE MARAIS: Pas de Calais, the Japanese brand named after and inspired by the northern region of France, is getting back to its French roots. On Sept. 30, Pas de Calais will open an 807-square-foot flagship at 15 Rue de Poitou in the heart of Le Marais district. “While Pas de Calais’ origin is in Japan…the inspiration comes from France,” said Yukari Suda, the brand’s founder and designer. Suda tapped Paris-based designer Raphael Navot to design the store’s interior, which she conceptualized as “modern, yet cozy” with furniture derived from natural materials. “Since around the time we opened in [Manhattan’s] SoHo in 2013, we had a vision of opening in Paris,” Suda said. “New York City is the center of the world’s economy and Paris is the center of the fashion world….We believed that opening a store in Paris is essential.”

Suda said she plans to further expand Pas de Calais into Europe and other international markets. But first, Pas de Calais will focus on Japan, where it was founded in 1998. “In Japan, Pas de Calais is only in department stores and shops-in-shop, but we do not have a flagship store in the way we do in New York,” Suda said. “With the United States business on track, and after the Paris store opening calms down, we will in earnest focus particularly on Tokyo, and open a flagship there.”

In addition, Suda intends to pursue new collaborations with brands each season; for spring, Pas de Calais will introduce its latest with Henry Cuir, a collection of bags and small leather goods.

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