IN YOUR SHOES: Exceptionally, Virginie Mouzat was not in heels Thursday night in Paris, despite the occasion: a party she and Colette hosted for New York shoe designer Paul Andrew.

“Much too hot,” she said, motioning to her K. Jacques Saint-Tropez sandals as guests fanned themselves furiously and sipped iced juices in the steamy boutique. Yet the Vanity Fair France fashion and lifestyle features editor in chief could not have a higher opinion of Andrew: “For me, he’s the new Manolo Blahnik.”

Colette showcased his chinoiserie tinged spring collection, and an exclusive version of his Zenadia pump. “We’ve dyed it exclusively in Vanity Fair red,” Andrew said. Trays of cookies circulated in the exact shape and color of the shoes.

Later, a small group including Colette’s Sarah Andelman, painter James Brown, stylist Catherine Baba and show producer Alexandre de Betak repaired to hipster eatery Heimat for dinner in a vaulted stone room.

Mouzat tapped her glass and made a short speech, praising Andrew’s comfortable, sexy and collectible styles. Baba couldn’t contain her enthusiasm any longer, exclaiming to the room: “Size 38!”

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