TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SMITH: Paul Smith placed his full sartorial support behind “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.” Not only did the British designer inject his insight on 1970s London into Tomas Alfredson’s movie, but he also designed a bespoke outfit for leading man Gary Oldman to wear in his nominated turn at the Oscars.


Oldman is getting used to wearing a lot of Paul Smith. He donned a dark suit for a party at the fashion brand’s Los Angeles store on Thursday night to celebrate the photos taken by him and Jack English of the “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” cast. Surrounded by Oscar nominee Demian Bichir; actors Pauley Perrette, Lisa Edelstein and Jeremy Allen White; designer Tarina Tarantino; stylist B. Akerlund, and Oldman’s son, Alfie, English got a chuckle out of what Oldman used to wear when they first met 18 years ago: an army jacket that Luc Besson gave him.


Oldman said that back in the day he used to buy 1930s-style suits from a place called Black’s. “When you wear a suit like that, you have to wear a tie, a tiepin, get your hair cut,” he said. “You can’t wear sneakers.” Now out of work, Oldman will have a more relaxed wardrobe. “I quite like being out of work,” he said, noting in jest that he plans to “travel, write, play the ukulele.” If only his friends could get a vacation. Lining up some possible modeling for Paul Smith, English is photographing a film about a freeform swimmer, called “The Swimmer,” with Lynne Ramsay and the BBC for the London Olympics. Benedict Cumberbatch, Oldman’s co-star in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” has a top-secret gig on the new “Star Trek” movie. Asked if he plays a good or bad guy, Cumberbatch coyly answered, “There are lots of good guys already.”

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