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ZILVER LINING: Recycled nylon, organic cotton and vegan leather made from apples are at the core of Pedro Lourenço’s new collection for Zilver, a London-based collection that is in its third season.

“In order to move the brand forward, it is important to remember the end goal, which is to be part of a collective revolution that changes the way we produce and consume products, without destroying the planet. For us, it means to continue investing in innovative materials and new methods of production,” he added.

The spring collection is filled with certified organic cotton, while a vegan leather jacket is made from apples. Shirts are done in recycled denim and nylon, while all the specific information about the materials used in the collection will be on the garment tags.

He also put an accent on multitasking pieces: Black and white blazers and trench coats can be transformed into gilets or jackets with zips.

Last year he spoke to WWD about the importance of creating “conscious pieces” and getting as close as he can to 100 percent sustainability, although “it’s still not possible to be 100 percent sustainable,” he said.

His spring 2020 collection was rooted in astrology and specifically the Gemini zodiac.

“Gemini is a sign that rules communication and is characterized by being adaptive and informed, so I imagined a typical Gemini environment to be like a music festival where you can find a great mixture of characters who play around with different culture references,” Lourenço said.

He created looks based on the cowboy, the surfer and the punk and while traditionally they may not go together, the references were subtle and the collection was full of clean lines and sharp tailoring.

He paid homage to the cowboy with Western-style shirts and nylon and silk coating on denim pieces. Punk elements came in the form of biker jackets in orange leather and yellow suede. They were paired with slim-line cropped trousers.

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