COME TOGETHER: With headlining acts like Metallica and Sir Paul McCartney, “sentimental” is the word Perry Farrell, Jane’s Addiction frontman and Lollapalooza founder, used to describe his feelings toward this year’s three-day music festival that begins today in Chicago’s Grant Park.

“Growing up as a little boy, the first band that I loved was The Beatles,” Farrell said at a cocktail party on Thursday at Nellcôte in the West Loop. “My big brother and my big sister had all the records. I was a little Beatles maniac, I had Beatles boots and a Beatles haircut. To know that Paul McCartney is going to be performing on stage at my party — the party I’m throwing — is a real shining moment in my life.”

Farrell collaborated with McCartney on his last record, but said he’s still amazed the former Beatle is on the bill. “I would never have told you in 1991 [the year the festival was created] that one day Paul McCartney is going to be playing on my stage. The fact that he is just gives me a beaming smile. My heart is beaming. Paul is a smart man and smart musicians decide to collaborate and perform at festivals. Even though he’s a Beatle, even a Beatle has to work,” Farrell said, noting he’s also excited about other festival acts, including TV on the Radio, Kaskade, The Weeknd and the kid band The Helmets, featuring the son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo.

“I know he [McCartney] enjoys festivals and different types of music and he’s still inspired by musicians and that’s a good thing. Festivals are truly the way people experience music today even more so than records and radio.”

After Sir Paul, who’s next in the Lollapalooza cards, The Rolling Stones? “Alright, I will ask them,” said Farrell, with a smile.

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