CHOCOLATE HEAVEN: The highlight of Peter Dundas’ whirlwind trip to Houston to present his fall collection was…Neiman Marcus’ chocolate chip cookies. “I shouldn’t say this, but it’s been the food,” the Pucci design director admitted sheepishly. “I’m such a glutton for chocolate I’ve been unable to resist. Same for my team. We all need to go to a spa as soon as we get back.”

Dundas and crew replicated Pucci’s fall runway show Wednesday at the Westin Oaks Galleria Hotel for a posh crowd of 500 at the 31st annual Houston Chronicle Best Dressed Luncheon and Neiman Marcus Fashion Presentation benefiting the March of Dimes.

“I’ve realized when I stay close to my own recipe the cake comes out a little bit better,” Dundas said right after the show. “It was really practically the exact same show that we had in Milan.”

He was headed next door for a fitting with Lynn Wyatt at Neiman’s.

“We are going to try on some clothes so I’m very excited,” Dundas said. “She is a real fashion legend so I would be thrilled to have something that I did in her closet.”

Dundas has at least one more American sojourn planned this year — a December party to celebrate the Pucci store debuting in Miami’s Design District.

But now he’s off to Paris by way of London and back to Palazzo Pucci in Florence by Monday.

“I’ve been told I’m already late on my next collection, so I need to work on that,” he said.