Peter Dundas volunteering with Art of Elysium

The 2020 Art of Elysium Heaven benefit will honor Peter Dundas, who the organization has chosen as the recipient of this year’s Visionary award. Dundas will be responsible for creatively conceptualizing the evening, based on his concept of heaven.

“Every year for Heaven, we ask a token visionary to conceptualize their idea of heaven. And we literally pass the creative torch to them,” says Jennifer Howell, the organization’s founder. The charity rotates every year through visionaries in art, fashion, film and music, with Dundas obviously being tapped as a visionary of fashion. The 2019 Heaven event was conceptualized by photographer Michael Muller.

Selections are made “based on people we feel artistically represent what we do as an organization,” Howell says. “We believe very strongly in Peter and everything he’s done in his career.”

In his role as Visionary, Dundas will bring to life his concept of heaven, which the 21-year-old charity says plays with the idea of “reconnecting with your inner child.”

“What people are supposed to take away is how do we, on a daily basis, build heaven on earth,” Howell says. “How do we do what we’re really supposed to be doing as a human race and support one another and not be in our ego and be selfish?”

Dundas is not new to Art of Elysium. At this year’s Heaven gala in January, he presented his Hollywood-inspired D7 collection.

The annual charity event, which takes place in Los Angeles the eve of the Golden Globes, will bestow its Spirit of Elysium award to Topher and Ashley Grace, who met at the Heaven event and started dating.

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