Peyton List

MAKING A LIST: Before the lights went down at Naeem Khan Tuesday morning, “Jessie” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” actress Peyton List talked about her own coming attractions.

She’s about to start shooting Sepia Films’ “Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet” based on Joanne Proulx’s young-adult book. “I’m excited to play some other things besides Disney. I always try my hardest to play different characters. I think it will be cool for people to see me in this different light, more of a mature role,” she said. “I always end up breaking down the character’s back story so I have that in mind even though no one gets to see those parts of the character. It’s just good to have that in mind.”

Another plus is getting to know her costar Cameron Monaghan and hanging out with him. The 18-year-old also enthused about the coming-of-age film’s director Robin Hays’ “amazing vision” and shooting two hours outside of Vancouver. “Something else about this movie is it is very natural and will show my real side. Everyone is more used to seeing me like this — more glammed up,” she said, tossing her side braid for effect. “So how good will it be just to be more real.”

Keeping a more low-key pace this fashion week, List said, “It’s been real nice. I’ve had room to breathe. I went to Carolina Herrera, I’m here at Naeem Khan and I’m going to Marchesa and Marc Jacobs. Usually, I’m running around fashion week but this one has been so chill and I’ve been able to see friends.”

List needs no help finding her way through the streets of New York, having grown up in Red Hook in Brooklyn. The shows will give her the chance to catch up with a best friend, and to shop in SoHo in search of the newest pop-up stores. “The energy in New York is like no other. I feel like New Yorkers get stereotyped as unfriendly but I feel like they are the most friendly. I feel like you get to know people in a day where in L.A., I am isolated in my car because I never get to talk to people as much. I find New York so fun. I love walking here. In L.A., you never get to walk anywhere.”

Regardless of the city though, women seem to find common ground in not the most likely place. “I think bathrooms are where everyone bonds. That is the bonding place,” List said.

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