CRANGI’S MINT: Jewelry enthusiasts braved the snow Monday night to fete Philip Crangi’s collaboration with JewelMint at Acme in the East Village here. The jewelry Web site, which launched the designer’s Giles & Brother capsule on its site Monday, offers Crangi’s funky, gold-toned collection for between $28 and $90.

The designer’s sister and business partner Courtney Crangi was on hand with her girlfriend, J. Crew executive creative director Jenna Lyons. Other notables included Warby Parker co-founder and co-chief executive officer Neil Blumenthal and Proenza Schouler director of accessories design Darren Spaziani.

“Collaborating with JewelMint has been a great experience. They really gave me a lot of free reign when designing for the collaboration, but we collectively made sure that the jewelry would both resonate with their customer as well as the Giles customer, Philip Crangi said. “Designing this capsule collection was exciting for me because it really helped generate more exposure for the Giles & Brotheraesthetic, essentially taking my distinct style and selling these pieces at a more accessible price point. I want every girl to wear Giles & Brother or at least appreciate the look, and now with the help from JewelMint, a lot more can.”

Kendra Grateri, JewelMint’s director of design and merchandising echoed that sentiment: “Philip’s work for Giles & Brother is very much rooted in craftsmanship and quality. In this collaboration it was so important to us to not dilute these values but celebrate them andmake them accessible to our community.”

Crangi’s sister Courtney added that the online element of JewelMint attracted her and her brother to the project.

“I find collaboration often gives us a new level of experience and opportunity that we may not have had before,” she noted.