Philip Green

LONDON — Sir Philip Green has decided to end legal action against the Telegraph Media Group, which had worked on an eight-month investigation over the last year and concluded by accusing him of sexual and racial harassment and bullying.

Last October, following the publication of an article speculating that a wealthy British businessman has been mistreating women and minorities, Green obtained an injunction against the British newspaper preventing its editorial team from releasing their investigation. Lord Peter Hain, the former leader of the House of Commons, used his parliamentary privilege to reveal Green’s identity.

Green has denied all allegations.

“After careful reflection, Arcadia and Sir Philip have therefore reluctantly concluded that it is pointless to continue with the litigation which has already been undermined by the deliberate and irresponsible actions of Lord Peter Hain, the paid consultant of the Telegraph’s lawyers Gordon Dadds, and risks causing further distress to the Arcadia’s employees,” Green and the board of Arcadia wrote in a statement.

The statement added that The Telegraph employees had repeatedly harassed Arcadia and BHS staff during the proceedings. “Its reporters have doorstepped many individuals, often at night, causing distress and concern to their families, even as recently as last weekend. Arcadia and Sir Philip want to protect those staff and former staff from further intrusive approaches.”

While the injunction against The Telegraph has been lifted, it remains unclear if the details of the investigation against Green will now be released. His alleged victims and accusers remain gagged, having allegedly signed non-disclosure agreements and received large settlements reaching up to seven figures.