KILL THE NIGHT: Phillip Lim: designer-cum-comic book co-author. That’s his latest turn, with the launch of a new, original comic book called “Kill The Night,” co-written by Lim and John Ostrander and illustrated by Jan Duursema of Star Wars comic book fame. It’s a natural fit for the designer’s fall collection, which takes inspiration this season from the heroines of Sin City and V for Vendetta. The books are available in limited distribution by signing up at and will be given out with purchases during the brand’s Fashion Night Out celebrations in-store and online. As a component to “Kill The Night,” the brand will also launch a free app called “Agent 3.1,” created in collaboration with King and Partners. The app uses mobile acuity technology, allowing the consumer to use their phone like a magnifying glass and search for hidden content and links throughout the comic book and future 3.1 Phillip Lim materials.