MILANMassimo Giorgetti can add photographer to his CV — even if just for a day of experience.

The founder and creative director of Milan-based contemporary label MSGM photographed the look book of his third MSGM p.m. capsule, a collection specifically designed to meet the needs of stylish night owls, with his iPhone 7.

“It was a great experience, extremely amusing, but challenging at the same time because you actually realize that when photographers shoot they have to consider so many things, including the light and the angle, as well as creating a feeling with the model,” said Giorgetti. “I don’t know if I’ll do this again since I really respect the talent and professionalism of real photographers, whom I definitely love to work with.”

MSGM p.m. n°3

A look from the third iteration of the MSGM p.m. capsule.  Courtesy Photo

Giorgetti also explained that he wanted to do this experiment with the MSGM p.m. capsule because of the nature of the collection itself.

“I would have never done this with a pre or a main collection,” said the designer. “I actually consider the MSGM p.m. a sort of laboratory where I can experiment different things. With this collection, I don’t have to stick to budgets and I feel more free to do what I like and express my creativity.”

For the third MSGM p.m. capsule, Giorgetti revisited some of the most iconic pieces of the label’s past collections revamping them with a contemporary, fresh touch.

For example, the designer reworked its signature floral motifs, which he mixed and matched with a geometric pattern on a plissé dress decorated with feathers. Along with an array of frocks cut in different lengths, the collection includes tuxedos, bombers with macro sequins, sweaters with puffy sleeves, as well as a range of embellished denim pieces.

Hitting stores in May, retail prices run up to 1,200 euros.

Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and are among the retailers which carried the MSGM p.m. capsules in the past two seasons.

MSGM p.m. n°3

A look from the third iteration of the MSGM p.m. capsule.  Courtesy photo