Maria Tash collection

LONDON CALLING, AGAIN: Maria Tash is adding a new London postcode to her growing roster of free-standing stores. Having launched in London at Liberty, Tash plans to move westward to Harrods’ fourth floor Fashion Lab later this week.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be on their fashion floor and integrate my brand with fashion as opposed to just being isolated in the jewelry world,” said Tash of her new retail space.

In 2016, Tash entered the U.K. market with a piercing studio located in Liberty, following the huge success of her London pop-up shops that had customers lining up for nearly two hours. “The London market has been very strong for us, and I feel like people have been very receptive to my designs there,” said Tash.

While her Liberty space caters to what she calls “indigenous Brits,” Tash hopes to court a new clientele at her Harrods boutique, given the Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern tourists who frequent the luxury department store.

The 1,000-square-feet boutique has been designed by Pearl Fitout and will mirror Harrods’ decor and Tash’s luxury aesthetic. She is best known for her diamond-embellished earrings and cartilage jewelry.

The Harrods’ selection will include pieces from Tash’s main collection alongside a wider range of her more opulent designs such as pear and marquis diamond-embellished fine jewelry, which were best-selling items from her previous pop-up stores in Kuwait and in Dubai. These pieces start at 1,500 pounds and go up to 6,000 pounds.

Like all of Tash’s stores, the Harrods space will have stylists on site who are able to provide recommendations on piercing placement general advice.

“There is some continuity across the board with our best-sellers, but maybe the average ticket will be higher per sale, especially for people coming in and shopping from abroad, especially as there are some pieces we can’t ship to the U.S. There are also tax benefits of shopping at Harrods,” said Tash.

There are a few Harrods-specific pieces in the works and later this year, Tash will be tapping into the men’s wear market with the launch of Tash Man.

Tash has recently opened a space in Rome’s La Rinascente, and she has set her signs on furthering her global reach. Currently, she is in talks with Brown Thomas in Dublin and said she hopes to have a permanent fixture in the Middle East.

“It’s very exciting to go over to new markets and meet the people there. Harrods is kind of like that; people can spend the whole day there and have all their needs met. So I think it’s a wonderful, self-contained mini city within London,” she said.