Benedetta Piccioli

NEW TALENT: There’s a new Piccioli on the scene. Benedetta Piccioli, daughter of Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, has inked an exclusive contract with agency Women Management Milano, part of the international network Elite World Group.

Affectionately called Benni by her family and friends, she is 23 and graduated in modern literature from storied and prestigious Sapienza University in Rome.

“I love how Benedetta is both special and girl-next-door at the same time and this reflects how she has been brought up,” said Piero Piazzi, president of Women Management Milano. “Benni is an extrovert, resourceful, eloquent young lady with well-defined objectives. She represents my ideal young person of today and we are proud to represent her talent even before her image.”

Pierpaolo Piccioli’s way of life is unconventional, especially for a couturier. He continues to live in Nettuno, Italy, a beach town 44 miles south of Rome where he was born, where he met his wife, Simona, and where they raised their three children. He once told WWD that living in Nettuno has allowed him to be free and not “not adapt to rules, any stereotype that takes away freedom and creativity.”

Women Management Milano will manage Piccioli’s image for future endorsements, expected to be in sync with her personality, talent and interests, which span from the arts, literature, film and theater. She will be represented by the Talents division.

Piazzi, with a career spanning more than 35 years, has served as Elite Milano’s president and Europe’s business coordinator for Elite World, launching the careers of numerous fashion models ranging from Marpessa to Mariacarla Boscono, Carla Bruni and Lea T. Elite World acquired Women Model Management Milano in 2018, establishing the group as a leading company in the modeling arena, since the French and U.S.-based agencies of the same network had been controlled by Elite World since 2013. The group now counts more than 4,000 models in the network.