Pierre Cardin store

SHIFTING GEARS: Pierre Cardin inaugurated a new boutique of clothing geared toward a young crowd, adding a dash of youth to his lineup of restaurants and stores on the Rue Royale in central Paris.

Champagne and plates of carefully arranged biscuits were on hand to kick off the opening of the sparse “boutique bleue,” decorated with a selection of dresses with price tags of around 2,000 euros. A black wool minidress carried metal studs; its bright pink counterpart had large round holes cut out of the fabric, both projecting the designer’s signature futuristic look.

“I made this line for young people, it’s quite entertaining,” said Cardin, explaining that each piece was unique.

He described the accessories, which included a stiff, vertical tube-shaped handbag in metallic pink, as “big and exaggerated.”

The store also sells more classic scarves, in navy and brown, as well as perfume.

Next door, Cardin’s red-hued evening restaurant Maxim’s, thick with art nouveau decor, served as a contrast to the new store, freshly repainted in a bright turquoise blue.

The space’s previous assortments of Champagne and chocolates in Maxim’s tins were shuffled to a wall in the brasserie on its other flank, Minim’s, as well as to another small boutique nearby.

A guest swept in to greet Cardin, saying “My dear Pierre…you are still avant-garde.”

“One tries to start again, I am old enough to begin again,” he replied, before adding, “One must leave it to the young people.”

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