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POLO’S TEAM: Milling among the models at the Polo presentation Friday afternoon were Ciara and Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Emma Roberts and Camilla Belle. Each looked like they’d stepped right out of the pages of a Ralph Lauren catalogue, and in one instance Ciara and Wilson sat down with the male models and posed for photos.

Roberts, who came with her 15-year-old sister Grace Nickels, said she attended last year and enjoys seeing Lauren’s collection. “It feels really close and like a family when you see the clothes this way,” the actress said. She owns the cashmere sweaters in almost every color and likes Polo “because you can dress them up or dress them down, you can mix and match them,” said Roberts, wearing a long black and white knit dress. “I’m going to wear this dress tomorrow with boots,” she said.

Roberts doesn’t plan to attend any shows over the weekend but instead will probably take in a movie, which she rarely has time to do, and do some shopping with her sister, who’s a freshman in high school on Long Island and isn’t interested in acting. “She’s a really good artist and likes to draw,” said Roberts.

Roberts just finished filming “Billionaires Boys Club” with Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey in which she plays 21-year-old Sidney, Elgort’s love interest and an L.A. girl “who’s not ditzy and is really smart.” It’s about a group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles during the early Eighties who get involved in a get-rich-quick scam.

Belle said she’s about to start shooting a movie at the end of the month, but wasn’t at liberty to talk about it. She has a new movie coming out in April called “Sundown,” where she plays a Mexican stripper. She said the film is about two young guys who go to Puerto Vallarta on spring break and meet her.

Ciara, who arrived with her boyfriend, Wilson, said she’s been busy working on the new campaign for Keds and performing at the Keds’ 100th anniversary this week. Meantime, Wilson said he was at the Polo presentation because of Ciara and to see the fashion. “I’m a big fashion person. Houses and fashion are my thing,” said Wilson, who enjoys decorating his homes in Seattle and California. Asked how he stays in shape during the off-season, he replied, “Everyday is a workout — jumping rope, swimming.”  The football star said he will be making the commencement speech in May at the University of Wisconsin, where he led the team to a Big Ten title in 2011.

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