POCKET CLOSET: Polyvore recently launched a new app it thinks could add up to more purchases.

Polyvore Remix, available for the iPhone, helps users style an entire outfit. A user could select a jacket, for example, and a pair of pants, shoes, shirt and accessories would immediately queue up on the phone screen to put together a suggested outfit. Users can swipe out items until they’ve come across a full look they like.

The company’s keeping the functions separate from the original Polyvore app because “apps should be simple and focused,” ceo and cofounder Jess Lee told WWD.

The two apps also cater to different user groups, she added.

“The current Polyvore iOS app is really geared to people who love to create their own [outfit collages]. They pick the items themselves,” Lee said. “This is more geared towards the shoppers and those who want the style advice.”

Remix is currently available by invite only as the company takes early user feedback to further develop the app. Anyone, however, can download the free app in the Apple App Store and request an access code. The company’s also considering an Android version.