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BAGGED IT: Ports 1961 celebrated the launch of its first accessories Friday evening with a party at its Paris store on the Rue Saint Honoré. As a preview for the launch of a full accessories line starting in the fall, the brand introduced a limited-edition dusty pink shopper called the No. 10 Bag, inspired by its No. 10 blouse, first brought out in the Sixties and reissued for the occasion.


“We are building a whole accessories concept around the No. 10 Bag, which we previewed on the runway in Milan,” said Matteo de Rosa, accessories director for the brand.


The bags will be sold at Banner in Milan, where they were presented on Feb. 19, in the Paris boutique, as well as at the label’s flagships in New York and Hong Kong, where they will arrive later in March.


In parallel, the brand has created a black version, launched Friday at L’Eclaireur and for which only 20 units have been produced.


In the fall, Ports 1961 will decline the shopper in various colors, the first step toward building a full accessories range.


“The line will also incorporate products like bracelets, shoes and belts, which will be released gradually over the next three seasons,” said de Rosa.