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LOCAL COLORS: Âme Moi, a collection of handbags made in Portugal, will make its debut outside the country at Selfridges and Harrods for fall.

Founded by Alberto Gomes and Margarida Jacome, the bags are made by leather and embroidery experts from Porto and its environs.

The bags are small, with color-blocks, graphic details and geometric patterns, all inspired by the local architecture.

Some also feature horse-hair tassels, reflecting the founders’ passion for horses. The couple’s sons are both equestrians.

There are multicolored leather pouches featuring the country’s traditional Manta Alentejana blanket fabric. The diamond pattern typically found on the blankets appears as a pattern on printed and embroidered leather.

The brand has been gaining ground in Portugal and the two London department stores will be the first outside the country to stock it. The bags are at Winwood Fashion, a showroom in Milan.

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