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There is no shortage of power lunches in Hollywood, and Thursday saw another one.

Variety and Lifetime joined forces to create the Power of Women luncheon, an event that honors actresses for their charity work. Sherry Lansing, Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello, Christina Applegate, January Jones, Anne Hathaway and Christina Aguilera were recognized for supporting causes ranging from cancer research to ending violence against women in Darfur.

“I often get, ‘Who are you to think you can be political just because you’re an actress?’,” said Bello. “My answer is, ‘Who am I to not get involved when I’ve been given this amazing platform?’ I really do think everyone can help make a change.”

While there were serious moments throughout the afternoon at the Beverly Wilshire hotel, power presenters like Gary Marshall and James Cameron managed to add a light touch. “I love working with young talent,” Marshall said. “You have to catch them as they’re coming up, but before rehab.”

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