FOLD IT AWAY: Prada is sending its sunglasses on a mission called Folding in Love, in a new video directed by Giuliano Federico and Marco Braga from the Milan-based studio Modecracy. As a stoplight flashes red, yellow and green, the heroic Prada Folding Sunglasses — the Italian brand’s first folding glasses — blast off into a magical world of swirling alphabet blocks, backpack snap-hooks, crocodile mini-bags, saffiano trolleys and spinning parchment suitcases, expertly dodging obstacles as they approach the figurative princess: a curvy pair of white shades for women. As the sunglasses snuggle over a black and white checkered floor, the credits roll. Liverpool band Ladytron provided the soundtrack, with its electro-pop song “Ace of Hz” from the September 2011 album “Gravity the Seducer.” Although Prada often uses videos to promote its products, this is the first to draw inspiration from the world of video games. The folding sunglasses are currently available in all Prada stores and at exclusive eyewear retailers.

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