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Prada has tapped American film director James Lima, who started working with the Italian company in 2008, to shoot six short movies dedicated to the brand’s new “Inside Bag” style.

Infused with a surreal and dreamlike mood, all the short films start with the image of a bag that gets unzipped, drawing the viewer into the story.

“The Swimmer” is set in a modern city covered with water where a woman swims between fish and corals; “A Kind Of Light” shows a girl walking on the sidewalk in the heart of a town; another woman, wearing sunglasses, pushes away a skyscraper in “A Space Between.” Relationships are at the core of “A Curious Stranger” and “On the Beach” — the former is focused on the meeting between a woman and a deer in the middle of a concrete jungle, the latter on a man coming from space who bumps into a woman by the sea. The last film, “The Dreamer,” collects all the different stories into a personal journal.

The short movies will be available from Tuesday through Sunday on and on the company’s social networks.

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    I live for fashion films. Love this bag!

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