J.K. Simmons in the first episode of Prada's "The Delivery Man" series.

MILAN — Prada tapped Academy Award-winning actor J.K. Simmons to play the key role in its newest video project, named “The Delivery Man.”

Celebrating the fashion house’s Cahier handbag, the series includes three distinct yet interconnected chapters, subbed “Midnight Request,” “Woman’s Best Friend” and “Priorities of Love.”

Directed by filmmaker Ryan Hope, every short episode shows Simmons’ character valiantly facing obstacles to deliver the Prada Cahier bag — seen in three different color combinations — to a female recipient. These are embodied by actresses Pom Klementieff, Sasha Lane and Bahia Gold, respectively.

Debuted on Prada’s social media accounts and web site on Thursday, the first, high-paced episode “Midnight Request” is set in a nightclub, where Klementieff shares a short anecdote wrapped in a Prada fall dress with neon embellishments before receiving her blue and black Cahier handbag.

Available on Oct. 13 and 15, the other two chapters will be set in a Hollywood Hills mansion overly protected by a guard dog and in the delivery man’s own home, where a final, unexpected plot twist — according to Prada — will take place.

Sasha Lane will star in the second episode of Prada's "The Delivery Man" series.

Sasha Lane will star in the second episode of Prada’s “The Delivery Man” series.  Courtesy Photo

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