Natalia Dyer and Elijah Wood in Prada's "The Postman Dreams 2" short movies series.

MILAN — Prada is embracing the holiday season releasing a series of witty short movies directed by American filmmaker Autumn de Wilde and celebrating the art of gift-giving.

Named “The Postman’s Gifts,” the video project is divided into two main story lines, each comprising four, non-sequential episodes.

The first story line is named “The Postman Dreams 2,” as it is a sequel of the brand’s first namesake collaboration with de Wilde, launched in 2015, while the second is titled “The Postman’s Gifts.”

Staged in different, surreal and color-saturated sets, each episode of the “The Postman Dreams 2” series focuses on the brand’s signature Prada Galleria bag and features Hollywood actor Elijah Wood playing the role of the postman.

Available on Prada’s social media accounts and web site, the first two episodes “The Bogey” and “The Troublemaker” saw Wood’s character deliver the iconic bag to Emma Roberts, playing herself as a movie star, and Sasha Frolova, staging a cat-and-mouse game with the postman, respectively.

Emma Roberts and Elijah Wood in Prada's "The Postman Dreams 2" short movies series.

Emma Roberts and Elijah Wood in Prada’s “The Postman Dreams 2” short movies series.  Courtesy Photo

In “The Punch” clip model Amber Valletta receives the gift after an argument with her lover, while in “The Elevator” Wood delivers the final package to Stranger Things‘ actress Natalia Dyer in a chaotic elevator.

Unveiling later this month, the four chapters of the second story line “The Postman’s Gifts” will be titled “The Sensation,” “The Candy Jar,” “The Bubbles” and “The Jacket.” In each short film, an ever-changing cast of women will interact with key Prada accessories.