PRATT’S NEW CODE: For many New York-based designers, the February edition of fashion week is pressing, but the Pratt Manhattan Gallery has already set its “Coded_Couture” exhibition. Relying on coding for customized garments and accessories, the show will spotlight 10 designers and feature video projections, objects, drawings, photographs and apps meant to give visitors insight into what the future of fashion may hold. Curated by Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox of C2 Curatorsquared, the exhibition will open Feb. 11 and run through April 30. A dress by Dutch designer Melissa Coleman that uses a speech recognition system to analyze voice stress as an indicator of untruthfulness will be featured. The dress lights up and administers shocks based on the wearer’s responses, in order to “train” the wearer to be more truthful. There will also be a skirt that displays live Twitter feeds or changes color based on real-time audience input, by British design team CuteCircuit’s Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz. Visitors will be encouraged to interact with the piece using a specially created hashtag. The gallery is at 144 West 14th Street.

During the September runway shows, Zac Posen was among the first New York designers to play up coding through an alliance with Google’s Made With Code program, which relied on high school girls to do just that for the final look in his Zac Zac Posen collection. The finale was a nylon mesh flared dress with more than 300 moving LED lights.