Privé Alliance

Start-up brand Privé Alliance is making its West Coast debut on Melrose Avenue at a new concept shop called Acrostics.

The 2,700-square-foot store opened just a few weeks ago and was set up by Privé Alliance brand director and chief executive officer Danyl Geneciran. It carries not only Geneciran’s line, but Necessity Sense and other labels falling under the high-end fashion streetwear umbrella.

Geneciran, who hails from the fashion editorial side, said he forged enough relationships with brands during his time as an editor that opening Acrostics seemed a natural step to take, paired with his relocation to the Los Angeles area. Geneciran said there aren’t plans to open additional stores.

The retailer on Tuesday evening celebrated the launch of the latest Privé Alliance collection, codesigned with South Korean pop star Byun Baek-hyun, known to fans of the group Exo as Baekhyun. The music artist, with his work on the capsule, also took on the co-creative director title at Privé. The event marked the debut of the label on the West Coast.

Geneciran roughly a year-and-a-half ago started the line, which is part of Gentrend Group Inc. The line has so far been mostly designed out of New York with an operations team based out of Toronto, where Gentrend has offices.

“Prior to launching the collaboration with Baekhyun, I was doing it by myself,” Geneciran said. “It was more a personal project. I started everything in New York and it was more exclusive to fashion insiders and my circle of friends.”

The brand has so far been sold direct-to-consumer online and some boutiques in New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Los Angeles reflects its largest market.

Later this year Privé Alliance is set to launch in Bloomingdale’s stores throughout the U.S. with more artist collaborations expected for the brand.

“It’s definitely a marketing strategy and it’s something that I’m really proud of,” Geneciran said of the teaming with different artists. “I wanted to give [artists] a chance and give them a platform to do something in fashion, especially those who haven’t done anything before.”