Fashion Industry, Celebrities React to Pro-Trump Riots in Washington D.C.

Fashion industry figures and celebrities have taken to social media Wednesday to share their condemnation and horror at the pro-Trump riots that have engulfed the nation’s capital the same day that Congress was set to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

Large groups of President Trump’s supporters who refuse to accept his defeat swarmed the U.S. Capitol building as Congress began its proceedings, pushing past police officers and forcefully entering the building. Videos have since been posted on social media from inside the U.S. Capitol, showing violent protesters — some who are armed — clashing with officers and entering the Senate floor. Multiple outlets report that a woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest.

Many have taken to social media to react to the violent riots, including celebrities Jonathan Van Ness, Lisa Rinna, Chelsea Handler and others, as well as fashion industry figures like Bryan Yambao, Elaine Welteroth, Kenneth Cole, Jason Bolden and Lindsay Peoples Wagner, among others.

“United States of America and its failed ‘democracy’ in a nutshell on the day Congress was supposed to certify Joe Biden as President,” Yambao wrote, sharing an image of a rioter standing at the Senate dais. “They spend trillions of dollars on ‘defense’ year after year, military bases and millions of soldiers, army, navy deployed around the world yet they couldn’t defend its Capitol against terrorists. Their biggest enemy? Themselves. Where’s the brute force? Where are the guns? Where are the drone strikes? American police are quick to shoot innocent Black and brown people in their own homes while they are sleeping or walking or buying things and they failed to protect the Capitol. My dearest Americans, please, fix this s—t!!”

Several shared their frustration over the lack of police force used to combat the pro-Trump rioters in comparison to what was seen by police at many peaceful Black Lives Matter protests last year.

“Question for those who called #BLM activists terrorists. Thugs. Anarchists,” Welteroth wrote. “All for peacefully protesting injustice in America. What should we call the Trump supporters raiding the White House right now?”

Pull Up for Change, the campaign started by Uoma Beauty founder Sharon Chuter to raise awareness for the lack of Black employees at American corporations, shared a tweet from the Black Lives Matter movement with the caption: “It’s appalling to see the behavior of rioters who have stormed U.S. Capitol building today to disrupt the democratic process. It’s also worth noting the difference in treatment these majority white protesters are getting from the police versus protesters for the Black Lives Matter.”

Read on to see more social media reactions to the pro-Trump riots in Washington, D.C.

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