MILAN — Emilio Pucci has moved a few doors up on Via Montenapoleone, to a two-story, 1,722-square-foot boutique at number 27 with more spacious fitting rooms, a private VIP lounge and a view onto the building’s typically Milanese cobblestone courtyard. The new store opened Friday and will offer a complete range of women’s ready-to-wear, beachwear and swimwear, as well as a variety of accessories including sunglasses, shoes and the firm’s brightly colored scarves.

Marble is a recurrent material in the boutique: in the entrance, an open-air mezzanine enclosed by glass appears to hover between the tall columns of an H-shaped tower in Breccia dei Medici marble, the same material used in Florence’s Palazzo Pucci, while a two-tone crushed marble Terrazzo pavement references the fashion house’s 1966 “Torre” print. Architect Joseph Dirand and Pucci creative director Peter Dundas developed the concept, which is also found in Pucci flagships in New York, Paris, Rome, Moscow, Baku, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Noting that Pucci entered the upscale street in 2000, the firm’s chief executive officer Laudomia Pucci said the new location would offer even greater visibility than the previous at number 14. “Today, I believe it’s very important to be highly visible and situated on a key street such as Via Montenapoleone, in a city that attracts a lot of tourists,” she said, adding: “Currently, only about 30 percent of our [Milan] business is local; we serve an international crowd.”

Specifically, an estimated 20 to 25 percent of sales are to Russians; about 15 percent are to other Europeans; eight to 10 percent each are to Middle Easterners and South Americans (mainly Brazilians); and another 10 percent are to Asians, roughly half of whom are Japanese, although the number of Chinese customers is rising.

Pucci has a total of 44 monobrand boutiques worldwide.