Usain Bolt on the cover of Puma's annual report.

SPEED DEMONS: Who likes sitting through long meetings? Not Puma, which on Thursday trumpeted its delivery of “the world’s fastest annual report,” presented at its annual general meeting earlier in the day. Ad-hoc preliminary first-quarter results were also released by the brand as it looks to gird its turnaround in an unstable trade environment.

“At the technological and creative heart of the campaign,” said the brand in a statement, is a 9.58-second film based on the world-record 100-meter run of ambassador Usain Bolt at the World Championships in Berlin in 2009.

The film consists of 240 individual frames in which the 250 pages of the annual report are embedded. Once the play button is activated, the pages of the report flash across the screen against a black-and-white video of Bolt as he runs towards his victory. The user can stop and read, or navigate back and forth, at any moment during the film. Markers link to topics on a microsite.

“A brand that has speed in its genes like no other certainly needs a business report that [surpasses] everyone and that perfectly represents the leitmotif ‘Forever Faster,'” said Timm Weber, chief creative officer at Publicis Pixelpark, which collaborated on the project.

Bolt also features on the cover of the annual report’s print edition, also designed by Publicis Pixelpark, with the openers focused on black-and-white short films of fellow Puma brand ambassadors including Selena Gomez, Lewis Hamilton, Cara Delevingne and The Weeknd.