PARIS — Puma has stirred a sea of social media reactions, following the France vs. Switzerland soccer match on Sunday night, in which four Swiss national team players had to get changed after their French opponents had pulled and ripped their jerseys into pieces.

“La Suisse déchire” (“Switzerland is tearing apart”) mocked fans on Twitter. Commentators joked about the Swiss expertise in making all types of holes — be it in their cheese or jerseys, while Swiss midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri said he hoped Puma didn’t make any condoms.

Following an analysis, the Herzogenaurach-based sporting goods-maker concluded that “there was one batch of material, where yarns had been damaged during the production process, leading to a weakening in the final garment. This can happen if the combination of heat, pressure and time is not properly controlled in the manufacturing process.”

“The defective material was used in only a limited number of Swiss home jerseys,” it said, adding that “the inventory of all jerseys of all Puma teams” has been checked and that it could “assure such an unfortunate incident does not happen again.”

Puma equips four other national teams at the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament — Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia — which did not experience any trouble with the jerseys boasting the so-called ACTV Thermo-R technology, which helps maintain an optimum body temperature, according to the company.

The tight-fitting ACTV jerseys are made of an elastane and polyester mix and are manufactured in Turkey.

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