STARK IN SILVER: In anticipation of Sunday’s season premiere of “Game of Thrones,” HBO has teamed up with Vancouver based-jewelers Pyrrha to create a line of talisman necklaces and rings. Each piece represents a house in the show’s fictional world of Westeros — Targaryen, Stark, Baratheron, Tyrell, Lannister and Greyjoy. Designer Danielle Wilmore, a fan of the show, was careful in the designs, ensuring that the pieces not veer into costume territory. “We’re very careful about our brand and what we put out there,” she said. “We didn’t want to do something that was just fanfare. We really wanted something that was proper jewelry.”

The range of necklaces and rings are handcrafted from sterling silver and bronze, and feature the brand’s interpretation of each house, based on imagery provided by HBO. Though mentioning that each house has its own merits, Wilmore, like most avid watchers, can’t help but pick favorites. “We obviously have our allegiances,” she said. “Stark is my personal favorite. That [design] definitely was the most interesting for me. I just love that wolf and the textures in the fur. The imagery of the face is just so beautiful.”

This story first appeared in the April 3, 2014 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

The Game of Thrones collection retails from $96 to 900, and will be available at the HBO Shop, Pyrrha online and select retailers beginning on Friday.

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