PZ Opassuksatit

HERE COMES THE BRIDE: Wacky designer PZ Opassuksatit is renewing her collaboration with publisher Idea, releasing an imaginary wedding catalogue filled with crazy ideas and kitsch artwork in collaboration with friends including Virgil Abloh and Sarah Andelman. Like last year’s PZWorld issue — which included items like salad sliders — certain items from the PZWorld Weddings booklet, including a necktie with one side that reads “single,” the other, “taken,” a Champagne flute-shaped candle that proclaims it measures drunkenness levels as it burns, and a chair cover that doubles up as a dress, will also be offered for sale as limited editions.

Opassuksatit was the bride-to-be Wednesday evening for the launch event at the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum in Paris, dressed up in a wedding gown and posing for photos in front of a concrete imitation tiered cake.

“My sister’s getting married this year, and I really want to get married. I’m desperate,” said Opassuksatit.

The magazine-format book is available in a print run of 400 copies, priced $35.

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