Quentin Jones' limited-edition T-shirt.

JONES’ TREE TRIMMING: Mixed-media artist Quentin Jones has designed a limited-edition T-shirt to support Christmas tree farmers and military families.

More widely known for her designs for Kenzo, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Victoria Beckham, Jones is redefining “tree hugger” with this new initiative. The British designer has used her non-holiday-ish aesthetic to create a quirky T-shirt imprinted with “It’s Christmas. Keep It Real.” The tag line was coined by the Christmas Tree Promotion Board, which has started a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of a real tree while supporting tree farmers in the U.S.

Jones’ $20 unisex slim-bodied design debuted today on Amazon with all proceeds benefiting Trees for Troops, a program led by the Christmas Spirit Foundation that provides farm-grown Christmas trees to members of the U.S. armed forces and their families at no charge. More than 176,000 farm-grown trees have been distributed through the program since 2005, thanks to FedEx’s support.

Jones’ T-shirt features an image of a tree decorated with her signature surrealism and 1,000 are being sold. A philosophy major at Cambridge, she went on to earn an master’s in illustration at Central Saint Martins. Her artistic style is a mash-up of photomontage, loose paintwork and video editing. Her London base didn’t deter “It’s Christmas. Keep It Real.” organizers from reaching out. “They admired her unique aesthetic and felt it really reflected and celebrated the campaign ethos of ‘keeping it real’ across the board — real sense of self, real creativity, etc. and…real Christmas trees,” a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

In 2015, 25.9 million real Christmas trees were purchased in the U.S., more than double the number of fake trees sold — 12.5 million, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. The retail value of the naturally grown trees tallied $1.32 billion compared to $854 million for the artificial ones. As part of this year’s “It’s Christmas. Keep It Real.” campaign, the Christmas Tree Promotion Board’s site is offering daily tree-oriented tips for each day of this month. On Monday, for example, the group’s daily post was “Moms Choose to Choose and Cut.” Last year 76 percent of the real Christmas trees that were purchased were pre-cut with the remaining 24 percent cut by Christmas tree buyers.