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RACHEL ROY’S NEW ROLE: Recognized for her philanthropy and the work she does to support and empower women, designer Rachel Roy has been appointed to UN Women as a Champion for Innovation. In addition, she has created a mini Love capsule collection, exclusive to, ranging from $55 to $209. The offering includes denim shirts, Army anoraks, denim jackets, faux fur, scarves and T-shirts. Fifty percent of all proceeds will benefit Time’s Up and EveryTown. The line goes on sale on Thursday, International Women’s Day.

“As you go through your everyday work life, and you run into trials and tribulations that I have over the years, it’s these passion projects that really push me to keep going in the same force that I did from 2004 when I started,” said Roy, in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. She said the collection is all based around the word, “Love.”

Some looks from Rachel Roy’s Love capsule. 

“If I’m able to lead a life of compassion and lead a life of love, I will be able to walk the talk, and lead by example to my children and customers. If this time of lots of anger on both sides of the political spectrum and what’s happening to women and children throughout the world….I can make a lot more change by leading with love,” she added.

Roy will be coming to New York to attend a luncheon Thursday at the United Nations and will be talking on the theme, “Invest in Her.” She has invited Shadi Mehraein, cofounder of Rivet Ventures, which invests in companies in women-led markets, where female usage, decision-making and purchasing are crucial to the company’s growth. The firm backs both male and female founders. Roy will conduct a Q and A on stage.

In her new role, Roy will help advance the work of UN Women by supporting women’s and girls’ opportunities, particularly in areas related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation. Roy said her UN position is a two-year appointment and she will be sharing her platform and shining a light on projects the UN undertakes.

Over the past eight years, Roy has created over 20 capsule collections that support charities, artisans and organizations such as FEED, Far & Wide Collective, Good Earth, the Rescue Foundation, World of Children, Children’s Hope India, Charity:Water, Piece & Co. and Gaia. When she launched her Rachel Rachel Roy brand in 2009, she unveiled her philanthropic platform, Kindness Is Always Fashionable.

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