THE ZOE REPORT: Rachel Zoe is fashionably late — give or take 20 minutes. Yet once she steps foot off the elevator onto the spa level of the Waldorf Astoria, wearing one of her embellished black-and-white jumpsuits and sky-high platform heels, she’s ready for action.

“Literally, I slept two hours last night,” said Zoe last week in Chicago, in town promoting her resort and holiday ready-to-wear collection and newest and fourth DreamDry at the Waldorf Astoria.

The blow-dry bar cofounder and mother of two juggles many fashion hats — designer, celebrity stylist, editor in chief of “The Zoe Report” and TV host. “I would be lying if I didn’t say it was exhausting. Exhausting all the time. Being a mom is something I do full-on 100 percent — 1,000 percent because it’s my favorite thing of all the things I do. Everything else is my job and I love it and if I didn’t love it I couldn’t do it. I have realized over the years if there is something I don’t love to do anymore, I can’t continue to do it,” she said.

“I love DreamDry, I love being the editor in chief of ‘The Zoe Report’ — it’s like the greatest thing ever. I love growing something from inception and every day I’m reading it, looking at it, working on it. But it’s crazy, when you add the TV show on top of it, it’s a whole next level of insanity.”

If Zoe had to pick a favorite job, she said it would be designing her collection.

“It meant giving birth to a whole new career for me and I’m obsessed with it,” said Zoe, whose favorite pieces for holiday include a chevron beaded miniskirt, suede fringe coat and fox fur vest. “Just watching it evolve and grow and experiment with. Just being creative with my own dream. I also love having my hands in a lot of businesses.”

All signs point to Los Angeles as the next spot for DreamDry. “We’re waiting for the perfect location,” said Robin Moraetes, chief executive officer and cofounder of DD. As for the Zoe world, the focus is on building her brand, both geographically and categorically. “I want to have a much bigger presence in Europe and Asia. We’re all over the place in select retailers. The idea of what I learned is slow and steady is better. Be careful about how you grow your business and if something happens too fast you have to pull it back in a little bit,” Zoe said. “I want to do everything. Handbags, growing jewelry, we’re launching ecommerce in January, fragrance, home, children’s. Let’s do all of that. Why not?”