The Trove Chabot will launch on Thursday.

Fashion shopping app Trove is adding Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman to its advisory board.

Zoe said, “With the products being released in the coming months, Trove will create a profoundly unique and simplified way for consumers to shop while supporting the influencers and brands that make it all possible.”

Separately, Trove expects to launch a chatbot on Thursday. The basic mission of Trove is to make style creators and their content discoverable and shoppable across any platform. The company was founded by Mary Orton and Rich Scudellari.

Orton, who is also chief executive officer of Trove, said, “The Trove chatbot, TroveChat, is the first of several cutting-edge technology products we will be unveiling this year that continue to build on our mission to connect consumers with influencer style content wherever they are in their shopping journey.”

She added that this was the perfect time to introduce the chatbot for influencers because discovery and growth have become challenging on other social media platforms. “TroveChat gives consumers the tools they need to find the style content they love and directs them straight to influencers’ blogs and Instagram accounts. And with 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger, it provides influencers with a powerful opportunity to grow their audiences.”

Trove is a fashion shopping platform that allows users to browse ready-to-shop outfits from fashion influencers and bloggers. The platform aggregator connects users with more than 600 fashion blogs. Bloggers post outfits that users either can save as favorite pieces in their “digital closet” or click on to buy. Users also have access to brands that bloggers link to, which in turn increases product discovery.  Trove also tracks analytics such as the number who click-through the images and those who have saved the outfit.

One key data point Trove noted was that 100 percent of users of Trove have found new influencers to follow, and on average follow three times more influencers than they did on other platforms, such as Instagram. The users also begin to follow these new influencers across other platforms, the company said.

In addition to its current iPhone app, the company is getting ready to launch an Android version over the next week or two.

Gary Wassner, ceo of factoring firm Hilldun Corp., joined the advisory board about four months ago. He was a consultant to Trove for about 18 months before joining the board.

He said of Trove and its founders, “I like the two of them. They are bringing together the tech, fashion and commerciality of the space….Both Mary and Rich have got their heads securely on their shoulders. They are creating a real service for the consumer.”

In January, he presented them with the Hilldun Business Innovation Award at Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Awards gala.


Fashion options from the Trove App.  Courtesy Photo