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Rachel Zoe and Net-a-Porter celebrated their nine-piece capsule collection’s Wednesday launch with a Beverly Hills pool party that night. The al fresco cocktail and dinner drew friends Nicole Richie, Sara and Erin Foster, Gia Coppola, Jacqui Getty, Jennifer Meyer, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash Taylor.

“It’s like the perfect event for this collection, which is summer, beachy, bohemian, Malibu-St. Tropez-St. Barth’s,” said Zoe, adding, “which is how I dress all the time, no matter where I am.” Of the dreamy setting, in the hilltops of Beverly Hills, Zoe’s husband Rodger Berman noted, “It’s the house you live in before you have kids.” In fact, he and Zoe used to own a similar modern aerie, but have since decamped for the “flats” of Beverly Hills since having two sons.

The glamorous house in question belonged to Erica Pelosini and her husband, Louis Leeman. “It’s beautiful here, but I get scared when I’m alone because it feels so far away from civilization,” said Pelosini. She didn’t have to worry on Wednesday, as the home was teeming with ladies dressed in the flowy metallic caftans, off-the-shoulder embroidered linen tops and mini and maxi skirts. “Even though I love my long caftans, I had to design some short things because my girls love to show their legs,” said Zoe.

Also among Zoe’s fellow entrepreneurs were designer Mary Alice Haney and Le Catch blogger Marlein Rentmeester, who are collaborating on their own capsule collection in the fall, a short dress with long bow-adorned sleeves. Fittingly, Net-a-Porter was the first retailer to pick up Haney’s collection, which has since become a favorite of Taylor Swift’s. “There’s so much talent and style in Los Angeles,” mused Sarah Rutson, Net-a-Porter’s vice president of global buying. “I’m not sure why it gets a bad rap. It’s probably from people who are just grumpy that they don’t live here. I’d live here if I could.”