An image from Rag & Bone's photo project.

Rather than shoot twice a year and roll it out every month, Rag & Bone will shoot a photo project on a monthly basis with a new group of talent each month. The revised cadence was developed to more frequently convey the brand’s point of view and coincide with new product drops.

“For 2019, only having two campaigns does not allow for an ongoing narrative for our brand. By reworking our calendar, the aim is to better satisfy our current and future consumers in a way which feels right for Rag & Bone,” said Marcus Wainwright, founder and chief brand officer of Rag & Bone.

The series will be shot in New York between this month and November, featuring a mix of New York natives in their respective environments. The creative is expected to bring to life the raw, authentic and cool subculture of the city. “We have always focused on working with authentic and original talent, and I’m excited to see how the imagery from this project will connect with people from multiple walks of life,” Wainwright said.

The brand commissioned photographer Quentin de Briey for the project. For his first release, de Briey shot artist Andrea Mary Marshall on film at her studio in Bushwick, N.Y. In addition, he captured brother trio Zion, John and Joshua Marley hanging out in the East Village. The result is a series of images that explore the attitude and feeling of New York and those who live there.

An image from the Rag & Bone photo project.  Qunetin de Briey

The images will run on Rag & Bone’s web site and social media, as well as select digital media.

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