Ralph Lauren

Save April.

As New York Fashion Week gets underway, the calendar is without several major designers, including Ralph Lauren. He has been mum about when he plans to show his collection and finally revealed Thursday that he would host a “special show” for fall 2020 collection in New York in April.

While his spokesman declined to provide an exact date and location, he said the show is expected to take place in “late April.”

Lauren has been on the “see-now-buy-now schedule” since September 2016, and the fact that he’s showing the fall 2020 collection indicates that he is getting out of that rhythm and routine. Among New York designers who still do “see-now-buy-now” are Tommy Hilfiger (who is showing this season in London) and Rebecca Minkoff.

“Developing unique experiential shows continues to be a primary focus for the brand to engage consumers, maintain a series of freshness and add an element of surprise,” said the Ralph Lauren spokesman. “From the spectacular 50th anniversary show in Central Park to the launch of Ralph’s Café in the Madison Avenue flagship last year, followed by Ralph’s Club for ‘one-night only’ in September, the brand continues to create special and unforgettable experiences that bring the world of Ralph Lauren to life,” he said.

In November, Lauren was decorated by French President Emmanuel Macron as an Officer of the Legion of Honor.  A documentary about Lauren’s life, “Very Ralph” premiered on HBO the same month.