Image from Recalibrating the Forces of Duality Exhibition at Annroy Gallery

THE FLIP SIDE: Multimedia artist and creative Graham Fink will open an exhibition at Rankin’s Annroy Gallery in Kentish Town, London. Titled “Duets – Recalibrating the Forces of Duality,” it will run from July 19 to Aug. 19. It has been done in collaboration with the Shanghai fashion designer Ziggy Chen.

Fink and Chen have created a series of images that explore the concept of duality, within people and among places. The concept is also reflected in their image-making technique.

Fink said the collaboration came about “by our shared interest in duality — particularly the dualities ever-present in Shanghai, where Ziggy and myself have both lived — a place where old gives way to new.”

With multiple exposures of a single image, Fink and Chen were able to create a unique layering effect. Moody and dark, the images include portraits of a young man and a girl set against a black backdrop. Their portraits, superimposed onto each other, create a hyper-realistic and disorientating effect.

Image from Recalibrating the Forces of Duality Exhibition at Annroy Gallery

Image from “Recalibrating the Forces of Duality.”  Courtesy Photo

“It’s been fascinating and rewarding collaborating with Graham and exploring ideas of duality, which has influenced both of our creative practices,” said Chen.

The gallery, founded by the photographer Rankin, is a dedicated space aimed at promoting contemporary works of art from new and established talent. Previous exhibitions include a special collaboration between Rankin and Damien Hirst.

“I love new and interesting ideas in all forms of art, and I’m a fan boy of anyone who is doing something new and doing it well,” said Rankin. “It’s conceptually nuanced, visually fascinating and I’m really proud to have this work in my gallery,” he said.

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