JUST FABOLOUS: The rapper Fabolous sat quietly before Tuesday’s KTZ show pretty much undisturbed. As it turned out, the 37-year-old musician was feeling a little reflective partially due to next month’s album release of “The Young OG Project.” The name refers to “an older, wiser guy who has kind of been through it and is now showing the way to the younger guys,” he said. “I’ve been in hip-hop for about 14 years. Hip-hop has always been a young sport but now it’s aging and growing. The fans are growing too. It’s not just younger kids. It’s become people all over the world.”

His son Johan, who turned seven Monday, has changed his life more than anything.  “Now you’re not progressing a career just only for yourself so to say. You have something in the background more, in hindsight. You have a child and you want to make sure you provide for his future as well as yours,” Fabulous said.

If that sounds a little too cuddly for a Brooklyn guy whose called his debut “Ghetto Fabolous,” fans would be mistaken. “Sometimes because you’re a rapper, you get kind of stereotyped. There’s arrogance there, but also there’s more confidence. Sometimes you’re stating your biz because you worked so hard to get here. Now you want to make sure that it’s recognized,” he said. “Sometimes you let your work speak for itself but at the same time you have to speak for it too.”

Challenging as it is, “you’ve gotta find ways to keep making yourself interesting even though you may be telling the same story, but telling it in a different way or telling new journeys that you’re going through,” he said. “It’s challenging but at the same time rewarding, because it’s almost a venting process.”

Now writing about things that happened while he was growing up, Fabulous said, “I feel like if you tell those stories, they’re relatable to somebody—somebody is going through the same thing, having the same feelings or emotions. You know it can help somebody out on the other side of the world who you don’t even know.”

A few seats down, Whoopi Goldberg was helping out motion designer John McLoughlin by posing with an open hand for a GIF portrait for his 3D virtual shaggy-haired character “Fuzzy Dude.” His snapshots of MADE VIPs aim to raise awareness for Champions Against Bullying. After the fact, the actress said lately she’s been averaging about 50 selfie requests a day. “It depends where I am. This is going to sound crazy but I don’t go out that much,” Goldberg said. “But I’ve been out a lot over these last couple of days— fashion week, the NBA’s All-Star Weekend and then the 40th anniversary of ‘Saturday Night Live.’”

At work on a 10-part documentary about black entertainment from 1870 to present day, the “View” commentator keeps a full schedule. She will also appear in “Big Stone Gap,” a new movie with Ashley Judd and Patrick Wilson. Goldberg said with a laugh, “If you don’t marry well, you have to figure out what to do.”

The Grammy winner and Oscar nominee was with her granddaughter Jerzey Dean, a People’s Revolution intern, who was taking a break after many long nights to take in the KTZ show from the front-of-the-house.