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STATEMENT PIECES: There’s enough feathery, lightweight jewelry on the market these days. Rashida Jones wanted something on the opposite end of the spectrum for her fine jewelry collection, launched in partnership with online jewelry company Iconery.

“Things have gotten so dainty in terms of fine jewelry,” Jones said. “I wanted a return to Seventies, Eighties bold, iconic symbols and what better way to do it than make it yourself?”

The collection includes a mix of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. There’s a mariner chain choker and bracelet made of 14-karat gold fill and a 14-karat gold vermeil square ring with a black diamond and matching square bangle. Other pieces use symbols such as the ankh or hamsa decorated with black diamonds.

Prices range from a pair of $95 14-karat gold vermeil ankh stud earrings to an $875 ankh pendant necklace with black diamonds.

“It is bold and chunky, but it’s all very light, too,” Jones said.

Her foray into the jewelry-making process was the 2013 collaboration with Dannijo, but the deal with Iconery is the first that’s truly her own, she said. Iconery, which raised an undisclosed seed round nearly a year ago, sells its pieces in its online store and uses 3-D printing in its production process.

“We power and produce fine jewelry collections for influencers, designers and brands so this is not a temporal type of thing,” said founder and ceo Ivka Adam. “We work hand-in-hand with the influencer to produce their collections for them.”

That mix of partnerships has had the company working with Stone Fox Bride, Luv Aj, Ariel Gordon, Maya Brenner and VivaLuxury among others.

“I had little experience in terms of designing. I had an idea and Iconery’s been super helpful in executing and making it real,” Jones said. “What’s nice is you think you don’t know what you want and then when you see what you don’t want, you can correct it. I’m obviously not a professional jewelry designer, but once I saw [samples] I could tell what I wanted it to be.”