Rebecca Minkoff Launches iPhone Case

ALL LIT UP: Rebecca Minkoff has teamed with GE to offer “Lit by GE,” which the designer describes as “the ultimate selfie case with built-in personal LED lighting that turns every self image into a professional-quality photo.” Aside from the higher-quality lighting, the case features a sleek metallic finish, long battery and a “saved setting” feature. “According to Google, consumers collectively take over 93 million selfies a day globally,” the companies noted. “With that many selfies being snapped, there’s a clear demand for the best light.

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone case.

The Lit by GE Rebecca Minkoff iPhone case. 

“The emergence of LED technology has created new opportunities for premium lighting for homes and cities, and GE is now extending that same technology to the palm of your hand.” GE said the high-definition light built into the case “will put you in the best light, bringing bolder colors and enhanced contrast to life in your pics.” The case, which is being sold for $59.99, is available at, and is designed for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Scientists at GE invented LED lighting technology in the early Sixties, and it has recently been used in a variety of applications as it offers greater energy efficiency and lasts much longer than conventional lighting. In the retail and fashion industry, GE LED lighting has seen used in architectural and merchandising applications — especially GE’s Lumination and Tetra series.

Aside from commercial applications, consumers experience GE LED lighting technology in the form of light bulbs. Most recently, the company launched connected bulbs, which include the “C by GE” line. The connected bulbs come with an app for users to control settings.

GE also offers a table lamp that the company said “embeds Amazon Alexa Voice Service [or AVS] directly inside, allowing you to use a light to order your dinner, listen to the latest headlines, preheat your oven or give a host of other voice commands.”