Rebecca Minkoff Little Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is trying on children’s clothes. 

The company, which sells women’s ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories, is releasing its first children’s collection just in time for New York Fashion Week. It also marks the brand’s first attempt at sustainable apparel

Uri Minkoff, who cofounded the brand with his sister Rebecca in 2005, told WWD, “There’s a lot of talk on how fashion impacts the environment, as well as supply chain, as well as artificial intelligence, and we felt like this was a really great and sound system to be able to become leaders in this whole space and as part of this conversation. And we’re really excited that we’re able to put all those pieces together and launch it, especially during our 15-year anniversary.”

Rebecca Minkoff Little Minkoff

A look from Rebecca Minkoff’s Little Minkoff collection.  Courtesy

The 20-piece unisex collection includes dresses, pants, shirts, skirts, a jumpsuit and a take on the brand’s signature leather moto jacket — but made from jersey. 

“We wanted to match some of the main themes in the women’s ready-to-wear, but also let some of these items stand alone,” Rebecca Minkoff explained. 

Prices range from $28 for a T-shirt to $78 for jackets and comes in children’s sizes four to 12. The collection will be available at, which goes live today. Products will be available for purchase later this month. 

Rebecca Minkoff, who has three young children of her own — ages two, five and eight — said having kids was another reason why she wanted to create a sustainable line. 

“In addition to fashion, becoming a mom was one of my most transformative experiences,” she said. “I’m just as crazy a recycler as my mom was. There’s a lot of talking and teaching in our house about what happens when you don’t recycle. And they’re really good about it. Anytime I can show them what’s happening to our planet and how we can be more mindful, I do.”

Rebecca Minkoff Little Minkoff

Looks from Little Minkoff, Rebecca Minkoff’s new children’s collection.  Courtesy

As for the collection, the Minkoff siblings said they’re taking steps to create less waste. Their new “12-month roadmap” includes using recyclable cardboard boxes, recyclable hangers and biodegradable fabrics made in the Americas. 

“We’re taking a category-by-category approach as we look to overhaul our supply chain,” Uri said. “It’s not going to be overnight. But at least we have some good solutions that are viable to us. I think, we start here and then probably the next thing we roll [sustainability] out to is women’s dresses.”

For the children’s collection, the brand is also incorporating blockchain technology by way of a partnership with Resonance, a technology platform that creates software for fashion companies and brands. 

Rebecca Minkoff Little Minkoff

Little Minkoff, Rebecca Minkoff’s children’s collection, is unisex.  Courtesy

The added technology will serve as a digital footprint, allowing the retailer to trace each step of the supply chain — from the workers on the production line, to the materials used, to the amount produced, to individual customers. 

Normally, designers have to create pieces in batches — 300, 500 or even a 1,000 pieces at once — unsure of how many will sell. With blockchain, brands have the ability to produce garments after an order is made. 

“There’s no inventory,” Uri Minkoff said, which also means less waste and water consumed. “We’re able to adjust the technology based on order trends and increase or decrease based on consumer demand.”

Rebecca Minkoff Little Minkoff

A look from the Little Minkoff collection.  Courtesy

Meanwhile, the brand continues to grow. The Stitch Fix x Rebecca Minkoff capsule collection, which includes extended sizes, debuted last fall on the styling platform. Rebecca Minkoff also has plans to launch a nontoxic fragrance in fall 2020

“When you have these dreams of having a brand, you go, ‘If I could have everything I wanted, here’s what I would love to have,'” said Rebecca Minkoff. “I’ve fantasized about all the categories. Once I had kids, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it would be so great to be able to have something that I can celebrate with them.’

“They still don’t quite understand what I do,” she added. “But maybe after having a kids line they will.” 

Rebecca Minkoff Little Minkoff

A look from the Little Minkoff collection.  Courtesy

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