"Whiteshirts/Brownpaper", Rebecca Moses

Rebecca Moses brought her “Whiteshirts/Brownpaper” exhibition to Milan, kicking off Design Week here with an installation at Nilufar Depot, the industrial structure for the occasion revisiting Haus Rucker’s futuristic architecture.

In a separate room, painted in a dark burgundy and furnished with a cozy bottle-green velvet sofa, Moses displayed her paintings on brown paper.

In the past year, the fashion and interiors designer and artist found herself continuously traveling, so in order to satisfy her need to paint every day, she brought to her trips her favorite paper to work with. In a very simple and limited palette of black, white and metallics, Moses wanted to revise the traditional way portraiture is conceived, commonly as a symbol of bourgeoisie and upper class.

“Whiteshirts/Brownpaper,” Rebecca Moses  Courtesy image

“I’ve always been illustrating women in a certain way and they are very multicultural,” Moses said. “Beauty today is so changed and evolved that I thought it would be great to do portraiture the way real new beauty is, which is very undefined, and represents a blended beauty of women of not just one race, but multiracial.”

Being the brown paper and the white shirts each subject wears a neutralizer, all kind of women are pictured embracing their individuality and imperfections in simple yet ornate portraits.

“Brown paper is an incredible element because you are really not quite sure what the race of the woman is, and in many cases, it could be multi[racial],” the designer concluded.

The installation runs from April 7 to 14.