FIGHT (SUPPER) CLUB: Rashad Evans, the mixed martial artist and one-time Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight champ, will have another shot at the title this Saturday night in Atlanta. On Monday night at Crown on the Upper East Side, he was breaking his camp a little ahead of schedule.

“I do have a routine, but I don’t get superstitious… normally I leave out on Tuesday, I have this whole thing I do….but,” Evans paused as he surveyed the room. The fighter, dressed in a crisp gray suit, lilac dress shirt and matching tie, formed one-third of a broad-shouldered trio with his trainer and a fellow fighter, Ronda Rousey, that mingled with fashion and editorial types such as Cathy Horyn, Hugo Lindgren, Jessica Diehl and Madeline Weeks. The crowd had assembled for a last minute dinner thrown by Reed Krakoff in honor of Evans’ Saturday night title shot as well as Patti Smith who, in a slightly tenuous bit of synergy, had starred in a boxing-themed, Steven Sebring-helmed film on earlier that day. In the clip the singer wrote pugilist-themed poetry on one of Reed Krakoff’s “boxer” handbags.

The designer, who attended with his wife Delphine, first met Evans while working on his 2008 photography book, “Fighter: The Fighters of the UFC.”

“I’m just so happy to be able to show my support for him he’s an amazing guy,” the designer said. “What’s most amazing — and consistently with all of [the fighters] that I spoke to — none of them fight out of anger. They shake hands after and they congratulate each other. If you watch it, it’s not at all what people think it is. I think it’s a really highly evolved version of combat sports, which is kind of amazing.”

Though he’s been quite vocal in his disdain for his Saturday opponent (and former training partner) Jon Jones in the weeks leading up to the fight, Evans certainly didn’t seem angry on Monday.

“I think this is my first time as guest of honor,” he laughed as a waiter topped his glass off with water. “I better do a good job, so I get to be guest of honor some other place. I don’t know if I’m supposed to make a toast or what, but it’s going all right.”

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