REFORMATION’S LOW CARB CLOTHES: Reformation, a Los Angeles sportswear company with a high sustainability quotient, is launching a tool called Refscale on Wednesday to coincide with Earth Day. Refscale will use an earth icon on every product page on its Web site and explains exactly what impact each garment has on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide and water.

“We count the resources used throughout our supply chain and the life of our clothes, show how it compares to industry standards, and show the total amount saved by purchasing Reformation,” said Yael Aflalo, chief executive officer of Reformation. “It helps us keep our true costs in mind when we make design and business decisions, and motivates us to create better solutions. More importantly, it shows people the total cost of fashion and empowers them to make their own choices.”

Aflalo said Reformation tracks the resources used by every purchase and invests in the environment in the form of offsets — in exchange for the emissions and water used by its clothes, the company helps plant forests to naturally capture CO2 from the air and invests in clean water solutions.

The company is also introducing the Low Carb Collection on Wednesday, a line that is designed to use minimal carbon dioxide, water and other resources.

To achieve its goals, Reformation uses lower-impact fabrics like vintage, dead stock, Tencel and Recover recycled yarns; buys from domestic suppliers whenever possible; manufactures in Los Angeles, and purchases renewable energy credits for factory operations. The methodology and data was verified by Clean Energy, a third-party sustainability consulting team.

“In the coming months we will add waste, toxicity and fair labor to the Refscale,” the ceo said. “At the end of the year, we will publish the total bill of all the resources we used, saved and invested. That way, we can all see how those little costs every day add up to matter and actually make a big difference.”