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TEAM WORK:  London-based designer Rejina Pyo, who’s best known for her oversize coats and plays on proportion, is expanding her offer with a range of accessories for fall 2016.

Pyo has collaborated with London-based label Uribe on a jewelry line that includes rhodium-plated earrings, chokers and cuffs in two-toned metal and semiprecious stones including lapis lazuli and pink opal.

Inspired by mid-century surreal objects and design, the pieces stand out for their abstract yet minimalist lines.

“I wanted the shapes to be quite unusual and not associated with any specific time,” she said. “I usually like bold, statement pieces and the Uribe team were excellent at making sure that the pieces don’t lose their delicate and elegant charm.”

“We aimed for each piece to resemble a beautiful object that you are attracted to before even wearing it as jewelry.”

The price range is 225 pounds, or $318, for a pair of earrings to 495 pounds, or $710, for a choker.

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The designer has also created a range of shoes, with Korean-based label Yuul Yie. There are two key styles, including loafers and block-heel pumps. Both styles are embellished with large silver eyelets and come in a range of primary colors, including navy, white, black and red.

“The hardware that we wanted to use for the shoes made it difficult to maintain the comfort. Yuul Yie had the knowledge to guide me through the process and ensure that we wouldn’t sacrifice our aesthetic,” Pyo said.

The shoes are made in Korea using Italian leather and prices range between 359 pounds, or $500, and 399 pounds, or $565.

Looking ahead, the designer said she plans to continue investing in the relationships she has been building through collaborations and learning from each experience. “As a young designer, it’s so great to be able to gather specific knowledge and experience from labels specializing in other fields,” she said.

For spring 2017 she will collaborate with the Korean eyewear label, Projekt Produkt on a line of eyewear.

“We had a great reaction to our eyewear for spring 2016 so we wanted to continue the collaboration,” Pyo said.

“I love developing a relationship to last rather than for just doing one-off projects. Working with other designers is so important and I do my best to design in a way that will benefit both brands.”

Both ranges are available to pre-order on the designer’s Web site.